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      ten things you need to know about


      B2B store

      OPTIK VIBE sells only to optical related businesses


      Design & Made in South Korea

      Our products are attractive and comfortable with unique design and high quality.


      We are located in Prague

      No need to worry about taxes and tariffs.
      You can visit us anytime.

      I. our products include

      1. A case per product (three types)
      2. Cleaning Cloth

      Product image

      II. create parnership: free return and refund 

      Check our products for yourselves and see the quality and design of OPTIK VIBE.
      If you are not satisfied, you can return the products within 30 Days after delivery to your store with 100% refund
      See here for more details

      III. we would like to meet you

      If you want to see our products we can arrange an offline meeting in your store or our office in Prague.
      Or we can make an online meeting to grow partnership!

      IV. Minimum price for check out

      You need to fill at least €250 to place an order in OPTIK VIBE

      Founder image
      Product image

      v. Pricing

      OPTIK VIBE is a B2B store for optical related business.

      Price of our products are for opticians and optometrists.
      Check out the Recommended Retail Price for your store.

      vi. Warranty

      The company's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or providing replacement of part/s, which are found to be defective.

      Founder image
      Product image

      vii. CRedit point

      Check your account page to see your credit. 
      - Register : €50
      - Newsletter Subscribe : €5
      - Birthday Credit : €50
      - Credit after order : 5% of total paid amount

      viii. shipping in europe is completely free

      We support free shipping in Europe. 

      ix. shipping in the U.S. and canada

      Currently, purchase from the U.S. and in Canada is blocked.
      However, it doesn't mean that we don't sell in your countries.
      We ship directly from Korea to the U.S. or Canada.
      So if you want to place an order please send us an email at

      Founder image
      Product image

      X. Reduce cost

      We Design, Make, and Sell.

      This gives us the advantage to :
      - Make our products with flawless quality
      - Sell with small minimum quantity
      - Sell with low price considering the design and quality
      - Can react to customers easily and with speed

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